Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch

The Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch is an ideal waterproof case that provides a perfect fit for your mobile phone. It safeguards your phone from water, mud, snow, and dust.

Dropped objects prevention phone pouch is a type of phone case that is designed to prevent your phone from accidentally slipping out of your hand or pocket and falling to the ground.

Its cleverly designed transparent PVC material enables normal phone usage without any hindrance. This phone pouch is practical, secure, and user-friendly.

Apart from using it to protect your phone, our Phone Pouch is versatile enough to store your pocket camera, keys, or documents when you’re working at heights.

Mobile phones are one of the most frequently dropped objects, and this can be particularly hazardous on construction sites. Dropped objects are responsible for numerous injuries and fatalities in the construction industry, and are one of the “Fatal Four” causes of construction-related deaths. The CableSafe Dropped Objects Prevention Phone Pouch provides a solution to this issue, offering comprehensive protection for your phone from falls and other hazards, especially when working at heights.

Even a small object like a mobile phone can cause severe injury if dropped from a height due to the force of gravity and the momentum it gains during the fall. The Phone Pouch is a protective case that can accommodate all commonly used mobile phones, featuring a clear ‘soft touch’ cover that maintains touch screen functionality. Additionally, the pouch is designed to preserve the clarity of hearing and can accommodate the camera of all popular smartphone brands, ensuring no compromises on functionality or usability.

The Phone Pouch is a versatile product that can accommodate both small and large phones available in the market. Its dimensions measure 20.5 cm in length and 11cm in width, and when extended from the hip, it hangs around the calf region next to the legs.

The pouch is equipped with a robust extendable cable that comes with two attachments. One of the attachments is made of metal and is used to secure the cable to the pouch, while the other metal attachment can be fastened to the belt loop, backpack, or coat for added security.

Protection against accidental drops. The dropped objects protection phone pouch is specifically designed to prevent your phone from accidentally slipping out of your hand or pocket and falling to the ground, thereby safeguarding it from impact damage.

The Phone Pouch is more than just a protective case. It’s a highly practical tool that enables constant communication with your crew while working, ensuring everyone is reachable at any time without the risk of losing or dropping their phones.

Moreover, the Phone Pouch boasts exceptional durability against various weather conditions. Its water-resistant design safeguards your phone from rain, hail, and snow. Additionally, it can withstand windy conditions thanks to its sturdy metal attachments and robust cable, which keeps it securely in place.


Prevent Dropped Objects