Dropped Objects Videos from Toolbox

  We are sharing this three-part Stop Drops series from TOOLBOX  as these are very educational videos tackling the different Drops hazards and risks; and

Safety Precautions

Avoiding falling objects

  Falling or flying objects on a worksite can expose workers to relatively minor injuries, such as cuts and abrasions, as well as more serious

Safety Precautions

The Fatal Fall Incident

  The oil tanker was berthed alongside and discharging cargo. The chief officer was signing off the same day. His replacement had been sailing on

Safety Precautions

Best Practice Dropped Object Prevention

Dropped objects (DO) present significant safety challenges. Surveys have shown that these challenges relate to a number of factors, including work processes, behaviour, design, and the

Safety Precautions

The Complexities of Confined Space Safety

Once a space is designated a permit-required confined space, it engages an extra level of planning and preparation to mitigate the potential hazards. Confined spaces

Safety Precautions

Dropped board when dismantling scaffold

What happened? Workers were dismantling a scaffold. A worker was passing a 6 foot (1.8 metres) wooden board down to a colleague.  He lost balance and

Prevent Dropped Objects