Self Closing Safety Gates

Secure ladder openings and prevent fall from height

The self-closing double bar safety gate is designed to prevent falls from height at ladder openings, working platforms or pedestrian areas. The safety gates exceed the EU ISO 14122-3 standard requirements and is TÜV tested. The self-closing gate uses gravity to close, therefore it does not depend on springs, dampers, cams or operators. It is easy to install with the same hinge for left or right. Corrosion resistant and maintenance free. Confirms to OSHA requirements.


  • Gate automatically closes by gravity
  • Gate operates in all conditions. Economical, no maintenance.
  • Gate has a horizontal swing, not a vertical drop
  • Available in 4 size
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  • Gate automatically closes by gravity
  • Rises when opened; Returns closed when released
  • Reliable (TÜV-tested, exceeds EN ISO 14122)
  • Design does not depend on springs, cams, bearings, or the operator
  • Withstands 400 lb (180kg) impact test at ambient temperatures, as well as extreme temperatures (-51°F / -46°C)
  • Excellent outdoor weatherability…supports heavy loads 24/7
  • Due to chemical matrix, material will discolor but not degrade
  • No loss of tensile strength after 9 month UV-exposure tests in Arizona and Florida
  • Available in 4 sizes: Opening (mm/inch) between posts specifies size:
UDG-22  (22″/560 mm)  
UDG-27  (27″/690 mm)    
UDG-32  (32″/820 mm)  
UDG-37  (37″/950 mm)

Best Practice Recommendations

Many swing gates (or safety gates) have been found to have hinges with neither the necessary quality of material nor the design strength to serve their intended function over time. Many older gates also lack integrated toeboards. 

Best Practice Recommendations – Swing Gates 

  1.  Wherever possible, the hinges must form an integral part of the gate – i.e. they should be welded on
  2. Removable gate hinge pins must be fitted with secondary retention e.g. split pin
  3. Gates must open / swing inwards to the platform or deck
  4. Gates must be at the same strength as surrounding guard rails
  5. Gates must be secured against becoming disengaged
  6. Gates must be designed to automatically return to and remain in the closed position
  7. On floating rigs, the use of locking fingers should be considered so that the gate can be locked in the closed position
  8. Where possible, toe boards should be integrated in gates
  9. Swing gates must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure adequate function
  10. Where flip-over / drop-down gate rails are fitted, these must be secured with secondary retention e.g. split pin and where necessary secured with safety wire.

CAUTION: Old fashioned flip-over / drop-down gate mechanisms can become dropped objects. Self-closing gates such as the CableSafe Safety Gate eliminates this hazard and would be recommended where practicable. CableSafe Safety Gate is TÜV Tested.
Our Safety Gates are in compliance with International Standardization Organization standard – ISO 14122-3:2001

  • Moulded flame retardant thermoset polyurethane
  • Operating termperarature -40°C to +70°C
  • Not electric conductive
  • Universal left and right hinge
  • Good weather, UV and chemical resistancy
  • Load baring capacity: EN 14.122-3&4
  • Sizes: 500 (300-560mm: 3.4 kg) 630 (561-685mm: 3.8 kg) 760 (686-810mm: 4.0 kg) 890 (811-940mm: 4.4 kg)

Prevent Dropped Objects