Dropped Object Prevention Toe Board

Prevent dropped objects with Toe Board protective barrier

You’ve probably heard of it, but what is a toeboard? The CableSafe® toe board is a low protective barrier. The Toeboard or Kickplate protects openings on platforms when there is a risk of dropped objects and tools from height. The safety toeboard is easy to install with nuts and bolts. Installation is done without the need of hot work permits. The toe boards can protect any size opening, the more units to larger the opening. At any time the units can be increased. The boards or kickplates are 4 x times faster to install over conventional steel toebards without hot work permit. The toe board warns for openings on the platform by its bright yellow color:

  • Easy installation
  • Neatly enclose field cut penetrations
  • Great for rework
  • Faster than welded banding
  • Easier than using resin on oversized pipe
  • Uniform, finished appearance


  • No hot work permit required
  • No scaffolding required
  • Installs from the top-side in minutes
  • Sandwich grating
  • Just as fast and easy to remove as it is to install
  • Proven design has been successfully used for over 20 years
  • Specified by many multi-national industrial companies
  • Recommended by many engineering & construction firms

Best Practice Recommendations:

Solid lower part of a guard-rail or upstand on a landing to prevent the fall of objects from a floor level (3 in figure 2). Note 1 to entry: A toe-plate also reduces the free space between the floor and kneerail to prevent the passage of a body.

Reference: https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:std:iso:14122:-3:ed-1:v1:en

Decks, gangways and platforms must have toe boards at least 100mm / 4in high
On stairways, every step must have a toeboard at least 50mm / 2in high
All landings in stairways must have toe boards at least 100mm / 4in high
The gap between the deck or grating and toe board must not exceed 10mm / 3/8in

When removing guard rails temporarily, the checklist must include reinstallation of toe boards in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.
Toe-plate according to the Internations Standardization Organization – ISO 14122-3:2001 section: 3.2.4.

Prevent Dropped Objects