Safety regulations

Securing Methods

Reliable securing is the appropriate selection, application and management of all fastenings and fixings. To achieve and assure the required levels of performance, these must be designed accurately, installed properly and maintained consistently.

Understanding Dropped Objects

Dropped Objects continue to account for the majority of actual and potentially fatal incidents in the upstream oil and gas industry. In fact, dropped objects (also known as falling items and material fall) are among the Top 3 Causes of death and serious injury across many industrial sectors. The same statistics apply to leisure activities and home life too.

Risk Assessment

At each worksite, potential dropped object hazards must be identified. Risk assessment is a tool to indentify these objects and make the workplace safer by preventing dropping of objects.

General tips

Before starting any task, consider the potential for dropped objects. Even if your task is not at height, consider the environment where you will perform the task and any other activities that may be going on around you.

Working At Height

Ideally, all work should be carried out on the ground or at a level where all edges and openings can secured to prevent persons or objects falling to a lower level. Where there is a requirement to work at height all tools, machinery and other objects should be properly secured and/or tethered.

Prevent Dropped Objects