What is Reliable Securing?

In simple terms, reliable securing is the appropriate selection, application and management of all fastenings and fixings. To achieve and assure the required levels of performance, these must be designed accurately, installed properly and maintained consistently.

In the context of dropped object prevention, reliable securing provides a safeguard against potential yielding, displacement or failure of fastenings which can lead to equipment or structure falling.

This revised edition of DROPS Reliable Securing goes beyond the fundamentals of bolting and clamping to encompass all opportunities to identify dependable retention methods and technologies that address the risk and barrier-based approach towards safety and environmental excellence.

Reliable Securing reduces the probability of dropped objects through good design, planning, inspection and application of preventive controls and barriers.

Reliable securing reduces the consequences of dropped objects through implementation of appropriate safety securing systems, mitigating practices and processes.

Reliable Securing outlines the key factors that contribute to dropped objects and identifies opportunities to improve hazard identification and risk assessment processes. 


The primary method by which an itemis installed, mounted and secured as to prevent the item falling, e.g. bolted connections, screws, pins, buckles, clips, welds etc.

The engineered method for securing the primary fixing to prevent loss of clamping force or displacement of fastening components, e.g. locking washers, locking wire, split pins / cotter pins, etc.

Also referred to as Second Barrier or Fail Safe feature in some engineering descriptions.

Prevent Dropped Objects