Securing Other
Portable Equipment

There have been several incidents reported where portable equipment such as radios, gas detectors and digital cameras have been dropped from height.

Best practice recommendations:

  • All portable equipment used where there is a risk of the equipment falling to an underlying level must be secured against being dropped
  • Carrying pouches must always be used for radios and any other portable equipment without certified securing points
  • Locks on pouches must have a double securing mechanism to prevent unintentional opening
  • Belt clips that allow equipment to become detached when turned 180ยบ should not be used
  • Belts with snap fasteners are not suitable for securing equipment at height
  • Battery compartments and covers on portable equipment must be secured to prevent internal components from falling

Remember even small items falling from significant heights can cause injury and distractions. Ensure all personal equipment (tally books, pens, callipers, cameras, water bottles etc.) is secure in a fastened pocket or carry pouch.

If the item is not required for the task, do not carry it at height – leave it at ground level.

Prevent Dropped Objects