Tool Cabinets
for Work at Height

Tool cabinets for work at height are now readily available and employed on many facilities. Unfortunately, a number of irregularities have been observed regarding securing, control and registration of tools.

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Best practices & recommendations to work at height

  • All tools stored in high cabinets must be appropriate for use at height and they must have documented attachment points
  • All tools must be adequately secured within the cabinets
  • In addition to the neccesarty tools, cabinets must be equipped with
    –  A sufficient number of correctly dimensioned safety wires / lanyards
    – A sufficient number of connectors / snap hooks / carbine hooks with screw lock and eyelet
    – Special belts for fastening tools and bag
    – A sufficient number of tool bags with internal fastening devices
    – Weak links for fastening between the body and safety wire
  • A designated person must be responsible for the cabinet to ensure that all tools taken from and returned to the cabinet are logged out/in
  • Each cabinet/locker shall be equipped with a list of contents and be kept locked
  • The responsible person must register all tools taken from and returned to the cabinet. The contents of the cabinet and the log shall be checked at the end of every shift
  • Our product range includes specialized tool cabinets for working on height.

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